About Us

We are a bunch of optimistic youngsters hoping to do the best to the community.

The forum at this nascent stage consists of professionals including doctors, advocates, software engineers, scientists, government officials, Journalists, educationalists, lecturers, teachers, bankers, a few builders, realtors and businessmen too. We will expand soon. 

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Our Aim

It is a non-political cultural group of community members who share a common origin and history of over 300 years. The members are relatives in multiple ways and share a genetic relationship. The purpose of the group is to keep together the relationships and culture that has lasted over 300 years as a community that always lived in exclusive villages as agriculture communities as now majority of the members migrated to urban centers like Hyderabad.

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Our Objectives
    • To regroup the Diaspora of the community and bring them on a common forum for symbiosis
    • To unite members in bonds of friendship, mutual understanding and good fellowship, for the all-round development.
    • To take up service projects and such programs which will be useful for the community and members
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