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18October History Of Catholic Reddys
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The headman of Madigubba village in Ananthapur district, Thumma Hanumantha Reddy, was dying of an incurable disease. Madigubba is 30 kilometers away from Krishnapuram. A Catholic, Rangappa of Krishnapuram who happened to visit him informed him about Fr Le Gac. On Rangappa's advice Hanumantha Reddy's brother Kondappa Reddy met Fr Le Gac a Jesuit missionary at Krishnapuram and returned with his permission to bring his brother to him. Fr Le Gac agreed but warned the man saying “Our profession is not to administer medicine but to instruct in the law of God,”

Kondappa returned home and took his brother and family to Fr Le Gac. Reddy told Fr Le Gac that he is looking to live in the faith and to be a follower of Christ and not interested in earthly life. As his end drew near, Hanumantha Reddy asked Fr Gac for baptism. Fr Le Gac baptized him along with his family, giving him the name Rayapa Reddy(Peter-the Corner Stone) in September 1715. 

After the death of Rayappa Reddy on December 24 in 1715 the whole family went back to their village. Through their efforts many people of the village were instructed faith and Fr Le Gac visited the village and 30 people were baptized. As they grew in number they decided to construct a church in the village and they approached the local ruler of Ananthapur and obtained permission for the construction.

Fr Carron another Jesuit Missionary joined Fr Le Gac to preach for Reddys but died on July 28 in 1721 while ministering the Cholera victims at Krishnapuram.

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General History
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History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we” 

St. Thomos to Fr. Maudit 

The history of the Church in India begins with the arrival of St Thomas one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus at Kondungallur in Kerala on the Malabar Coast in 52 AD. St Thomas had established the faith in Kerala and Tamilnadu till he was crowned with martyrdom at Mylapore on the East Coast of India where his tomb is preserved even on this day.

The first contact of the Telugus with Christianity dates to the beginning of 16 th Century with arrival of Portuguese in India . However the attempts are fruitful only with the arrival of French Jesuit missionaries in early 1700's, the first Jesuit Missionary from the Carnatic Mission to reach the Telugus in their homeland was Fr Maudit. At Punganur in Chittoor district a widow belonging to Velama Community took up the faith along with her four children. Later many miles away from Punganur at Krishnapuram in Ananthapur district some of Weaver community people including one Rangappa entered the fold of the Church in 1712-13.


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